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Time To Shine

Oftentimes we like to compare ourselves to others, however, it has been said that comparison is the thief of joy. Before the whole world was stricken by the 2020 pandemic, many W2 employees were envious of friends and/or family members who were entrepreneurs. To them, they were free and shining brightly among the rest of the W2 employees with little freedom.

I work with everyday individuals to help them realize entrepreneurship through franchise ownership. As a certified franchise ...

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The Entrepreneur Mindset

A true entrepreneur thinks differently than other people. It isn't the label of being an "entrepreneur" which makes that so but one's mindset.

Dictionary.com defines an entrepreneur as "a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal risks to do so." In other words, an entrepreneur can be described as "someone who jumps off the cliff and builds their wings on the way down."

That really embodies how the mindset of an entrepreneur works. ...

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Growth, Demand & Service - Our role as a Franchise Consultant

The focus on franchising has led to phenomenal growth in the industry, and with so many options to choose from across so many verticals, certified franchise consultants (CFCs) help to pave the way for many investors, eliminating unnecessary mistakes and wasted time. CFCs help their candidates explore brands and find the best fit based on criteria including investment level, business model, territory, and flexibility. All of this is done at no charge to their candidates - so it's a win/win ...

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The Franchise Roadmap

Did Your Journey Start Here?

Many of us recall childhoods peppered with Sunday nights overcome with dread. As pangs of anxiety would set in as the weekend wound down, we lamented the inevitable start of another pressure-filled week of school. Sadly, the same doom and gloom plagues adults who are miserable at work. Are you still all too familiar with the Sunday night blues because you are unhappy in your current job?

It might sound difficult to believe, but some ...

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